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Welcome to Draw Me A Story, a LiveJournal community for people who want to break into the competitive world of professional comics.

This community was created with networking and information sharing in mind. Are you a penciler in need of a good writer to hook up with? An inker dying to find some quality pencils? Is computer coloring your forté? Know someplace that sells blue line pencils for cheep? Have you heard of a new contest for writers/inkers/pencilers? Or maybe you know a company that's opened their doors to new submissions and want to share with others. Then this is the place for you.

It doesn't matter if you aspire to have your work in the funny pages of your local paper, in the local comic shop, or just jump straight to graphic novels. Feel free to ask questions on anything from portfolios to script formats - the aim is to help each other be able to put together a polished final product that will hopefully result in a job in the comic industry that we all love.

Just a few rules:

1) This community isn't ment to be a place to post every piece of art/prose that you come up with. There are art/writing communities for that. Posting art for example purposes, or if you are in need of honest (possibly brutal) critique is fine. Just remember that lj-cuts are our friends, if your picture/prose is large/long.

2) Trolling will not be tolerated! Trying to break into the comic business is hard enough without trolls.

3) While this community will be geared more towards people interested in traditional paper comics, web-comics are certainly valid topics of discussion as long as posts do not wind up being just plugs for a comic.

4) Please be careful about using copyrighted characters! It's one thing if there's a contest in Wizard magazine, another if you just have an awsome story involving Superman that would just knock everyone's socks off. Unless you're doing it for a portfolio piece or an official contest, you might be better off taking that sort of thing to doujinshi community (such as doujinshi_club).

5) This really isn't ment to be a forum of debate on things like "manga-style art vs. American-style art." Nor is it ment to be a place to vent about how some writer is tanking your favorite series. Please take those discussions to the appropriate communities.

So long as those five rules are followed, it's going to be a smooth, and hopefully very productive, time here! Just remember, if you make it as the next Jim Lee, Alan Moore, Kia Ayasamia, or Rumiko Takahashi, the rest of us would love to hear of your success!